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Here’s a selection of some of the books I have edited

and nursed to publication, Including my autobiography

Deadlines all my Life
An autobiography by John Jenkins

ISBN 978-1-9164648-1-0

Reporter, editor, publisher and golf course entrepreneur, the life

of John Jenkins is a biography which traces a rich life from the

leafy lanes of Dorset, to London’s East End and the Krays, to

Fleet Street in the great days of the press barons. Packed with

stories of the great and not so good, it is a fascinating collection

of memories and anecdotes.


Copies of this book can be ordered by contacting me at


Colours Reduced.jpg
A Changing Colours  by Paul Thomas

An epic novel by Paul Thomas building upon the legend

of  Dracula from Romania to modern London. Paul draws

on his huge experience as a Fleet Street journalist and founder

of a leading PR consultancy for major companies.

Clear Skies and Showers.jpg
Clear Skies and Showers

A slice of social history. Marion was 90 when she wrote this story.

It began when she and her boyfriend take a five bob flip in an

aircraft from Croydon Airport. They celebrated retirement with a flight aboard Concorde and cruise on the QEII. In between her

husband flew with distinction for the R.A.F. and she played a

vital role in the community.

FAQs for Writers

This book, shortly to be reprinted in a new and updated edition, has helped thousands of people to step up from hopeful scribes to published authors.

From the Bottom reduced.jpg
From the Bottom of the Glass

How deafness halted the RAF career of Mike bush and alcohol

nearly wrecked his life and marriage. But sheer determination

saw him overcome these setbacks to build up a state of the art

company which he sold to become a millionaire. A heart-warming,

inspiring biography of one man’s triumph over adversity.

From the Great War reduced.jpg
From the Great War to the Holy Land

When Marcus Trinick unpacked his grandfather’s papers he found this

fascinating account of a young naval officer aboard one of the First World

War dreadnoughts: HMS Temeraire. He thought it right that it should be

published and this saga proves the point. Lieutenant Trinick is an

astute author with an eye for a detail and historical photographs. The book

chronicles rich events from the turbulent times of WWI.

Give Us This Day reduced.jpg
Give Us this Day

Jennie Sherborne researched and wrote a brilliant personal account of her

life:  including the story of her father, an outstanding pilot who flew more

than1,000 test flights in the Spitfire. Could she utilise that same research for a

novel? Indeed she could and did with an immense family saga based around

the lives of three families affected by WW II.

The £50million Moment

How one man, Joe Douglas, lost a son and son in law in quick succession

to cancer and founded  a company which donated £50million to medical

charities over the next 44 years. An accountant, who became a renowned

company doctor, he took over an ailing football pool and converted it into a

nationwide best selling magazine and club which supports cancer charities,

the British Heart Foundation, research in poliomyelitis and BLISS.

Wessex Tales reduced.jpg
Wessex Tales

How a writers’ group on Wimborne combined their talents to produce a

collection of work which includes short stories, poems, non-fiction, excerpts

from novels, a story for children and much more. This hugely entertaining

collection – produced entirely by the authors themselves -sold out in weeks.


Write by my side

by John Jenkins

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